About Us

We, as Persipak, aim to revitalize the market for handmade carpets by providing craftsmen an international outlook. We aim to introduce these products to the western world by streamlining the process involved in the export of their products. We also aim to provide a basic framework through which the right price for their product can be determined. By using computerized outreach, we would give handweavers their fair share of support and exposure, and also, in a way, revive this dying art. We would ensure a better flow of communication between these carpet weavers, who sometimes even live in remote areas, and the rest of the world where a market for these products can be established. Since this craft is still not as widespread, we intend on making a community-wide effort on connecting these carpet weavers to global markets in Europe and North America.

We embody an awareness of the craft that has been practiced in small communities generation after generation, and a craft that has seen how industrialization, mechanization and profiteering might spell its end. By creating this awareness within ourselves first, and then in our customers, we are giving these craftsmen an opportunity to leverage their craft against the perils of machinery, mechanization and lack of exposure.

It is true that the life of handmade carpets and their durability is beyond belief, with carpets surviving for centuries. Interestingly, the more these carpets are stepped upon and used, the more they shine, because inner layers now become visible. So, with time, these items of great value appreciate rather than depreciate. Giving the craftsmen who construct such pieces of art in our due diligence. Because of the way times are, we see carpet weavers selling off their products for a value less that what we believe is right. We, however, seek to counter that trend by helping them reach international markets and an appropriate recognition for their work.